Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Trusted Name for Complete Welding Applications

Portable CNC Plasma and Profile Cutting Machine

  • Portable CNC cutting machine with wide rails.
  • Increase stability as compared to peers in the market.
  • Rigid structure ensures better accuracy over life of the machine.
  • Oxy fuel and plasma cutting processes.
  • Integrated with Different range of of plasma machines.
Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Main Technical Parameters

Cutting Thickness 1.5 mm - 20 mm MS by Plasma cutting
1 mm - 18 mm SS by Plasma cutting
6 mm - 100 mm MS by Gas cutting
Model Number 1530 / 1560 / 1590
Effective Cutting Width 1.5 - mtr
Effective Cutting Length 3 mtr - 6 mtr - 9 mtr
Cutting Method Plasma or Profile